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We Believe:

* A child should be valued as an individuals.

* Children need to feel safe, supported and happy all the time.

* Playing and talking are the ways in which young children learn about themselves and the world around them.

* All learning should be meaningful and fun.

* Children are actively involved in learning.

* Children learn through hands-on experiences.

* Children learn through taking risks, making mistakes and celebrating success.

* What children CAN DO rather than what chilrden CANNOT DO are the starting points in their learning.

* Learning should cater to the needs and intrest of individuals.

* The process is more important than the end product.

* Children develop their spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills at the differing rates.

* All aspect's of a child's life are equally important and interwoven.

* All children need time and space to produce work of quality and depth.

* Children need to develop a since of responsibilty for their own eating.

* Children who are are encouraged to think for themselves are more likely to act independently.

* Parents are the first educators of children and have a vital part to play in the establishment of their child's learning enviroment.

Our Philosophy

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